• Mr. Veit is a graduate from Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania. Mr. Veit has been teaching physical education for 28 years at the Union Township School District. He is currently teaching physical education K-4.
    Mr. Veit can be reached by email jveit@uniontwpschool.org or by voicemail ext. 6266
    A quick preview of the upcoming school year. For the start of this year physical education will be in pearson. Physical Education this year will be in the gym or on the outdoor fields. For Physical Education class make sure you are in comfortable clothing, wear athletic sneakers, water bottle and mask (Make sure you bring some extra masks to class). 
    As a proud teacher for the Union Township School District and husband and father of two children, I'm excited to be back in the school but recognize the challenges we all face this year. I know that with some flexibility we will have a successful school year. 

    Physical Education