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    UTMS Technology Program 2019-2020

    as of September 18, 2019

    Curriculum Overview

    At Union Township School District, we pride ourselves on being forward-thinking when it comes to technology. Our curriculum meets the NJCCCS but also considers where technology is headed. To that end, we have developed a curriculum that focuses on concepts like Design Process, Coding, Google and Robotics. Our goal is not to prepare students for high school, but for the world that they will be living in.

    1-4 Highlights

    Kindergarten and first-grade program will develop a love of computers and computer-based technology. Students will learn the basics of computers: computer operation, Safety, surfing the web and different programs that build on foundation skills. Grades 3-4 will be introduced to Google Classroom and a more content-driven program. Students will get an orientation for the use of how to use different Google apps.  Grades 2-4 will be developing coding skills through the Code.org curriculum. In addition, grades 2-4 will all have exposure to robotics. Second grade will be using Ozobots, third grade will use Lego Wedo and fourth grade will use Dash and Dot by Wonder Workshop.  Students in third and fourth grade will also do critical thinking, design process and typing.

    5-8 Highlights

    All classes will be run through Google Classroom allowing for greater accessibility to content and teachers. Student collaboration is also enhanced without wasting paper while mitigating to problems of lost work. Grades 5-7 will be developing coding skills through proven programs like Code.org and scratch.  8th grade will use scratch for a capstone project for the coding. In addition, grades 5-8 will all have exposure to robotics. Fifth and Sixth grade will work with the Spero robots, 7th grade will use drones. 8th Grade will do capstone projects with the drones, Green Screen and 3-D Printing will also be integrated into the 8th-grade program for future curricular programs.