• drive Using Drive
     To Access the Drive
    Select the google apps icon, google apps .  Select the drive icon.
    Select the new icon, new  . You can create folders, docs which is like MS Word, sheets which is like MS Excel, slides which is like MS PowerPoint, etc..
    My Drive   Location of all your files.
    Shared with me  Shows what files are shared with you. Files exist in 'My Drive'.  This is just a different way of viewing.
    recent files  Shows a history of when files were accessed and activity on them.
    View of Files 
    Grid View   Show files under 'My Drive' in Grid View.
    list view   Show files under 'My Drive' in List View.
    Details of Files
    information  Displays the history of activity on a file like creation, upload to drive, comments, etc.
    Working Offline 
       - Setup the chrome browser.  Install 'Google Docs offline Chrome' extension by selecting customize and control chrome  then 'Settings'. Next select 'Extensions'. Scroll to the bottom screen and select 'Get more extensions'.  In the 'search the store' box enter 'Google Docs Offline' and enable it in Chrome.
       -Select the  gear  then 'Settings' in the upper right side of the 'Google Drive' window.  Check the box to 'Sync Google Docs, Sheets, Slides & Drawings files to this computer so that you can edit offline.' Select 'Done'.
    Convert MS Word documents to Google Docs Automatically
       - Select the  gear  then 'Settings' in the upper right side of the 'Google Drive' window.  Check the box to 'Convert uploaded to Google Docs editor format'. Select 'Done'. 
    Upload Files or Folders
       - Select 'New' or 'My Drive'
       - From the drop down menu select either 'Upload File(s)' or 'Upload Folder'
Last Modified on October 26, 2017