• Chrome browser  Using the Chrome Browser
    Logging into Chrome allows your bookmarks, tabs, settings, etc. travel to any device that you log into.
    - Enter you google account name and password on the sign in window.  This is your email account name and password.
    chrome signin  
    Saving Password in Chrome Browser
       - The first time you start chrome you can save your password by selecting the 'Save' button. The next time you start chrome you will be automatically logged in.
    password save  
    Linking data across devices
        - You must link your information to access the same bookmarks, tabs, and settings from any device you are on. Select 'Link Data' on the 'Link Chrome Account' window. On the next window, 'You're now signed in to Chrome', select 'OK, I GOT IT'.
       - NOTE: If you do not want to link your information but just want access to your drive or email DO NOT perform this procedure.
    link data       chrome confirm
    Import Bookmarks from Other Browsers
       - You can import your bookmarks from other browsers.
       - Select the chrome app in the upper right corner of the chrome browser.
       - Select 'Settings'
       - Under the section labeled 'People', select the 'Import bookmarks and settings ...' box.
       - In the next window, select which browser from the drop-down menu you wish to import information. Check off what you want to import. Select the 'Import' box.
Last Modified on September 12, 2018