• image icon  Insert Image
    An image/photo can be inserted into an email, doc, form, slide, etc. anywhere the image icon appears.  
     Image in Signature
       - Select image icon
       - A window appears with  add image popup
              1. Select "My Drive" to use an image stored on your Google Drive.
              2. Select Upload to copy an image from your computer.  Images/Photos by default are stored under  "Libraries/Pictures". Hold the left mouse button down and drag the picture into the box OR select select file then browse to where the image is stored.
              3. Select "Web Address (URL)"  to paste a URL from the web. For example, go to  "Images", search for a photo,  place the mouse pointer over the image, right click, select "Copy link address".  Go back to the popup window, move the mouse cursor over the box for "Paste an image URL here", right click on the mouse, select "Paste", then click "Select" button.
       - The mage will appear in signature box
         - Scroll to the bottom of the Settings Window and select "Save Changes" 
       Image in an  Email
         - Select the "Insert Photo" icon 
       - A window appears with Insert Photo
          1. Photos and Albums are those uploaded into Gmail
          2. Select "Upload" to copy a photo from your computer.  Continue to follow the directions from Image in Signature.
          3. Select "Web Address (URL)" to insert a photo from the internet. Continue to follow directions from Image in Signature.
       - Select "Insert" then "Image" from the drop down menu.
         - A window appears with Insert Image
          1. Select "Upload" to choose an image from your computer. Typically these are stored in the Pictures Folder
          2. Select "Take a snapshot" to use the computer's webcam if available to load a picture into the docs.
          3. Select "By URL" to paste the URL of an image from the internet. After pasting the URL click on "Select" box.
          4. Select "Your albums" to insert an image from your photo album stored on the web.  A check mark will appear on the picture after you select it.  Then click on the blue "Select" box.
          5. Select "Google Drive" to choose an image stored on the google drive 
          6. Select "Search".  In the new window enter the search criteria in the Google box. then click the blue "Select" box.
                           Search Image
Last Modified on October 26, 2017