• NJ Division of Child Behavioral Health Services (DCBHS):
    • Created as a support system for children and families in need
    • Provides a single point of entry via PerformCare which offers a multitude of resources.
    • Statewide Contracted System Administrator committed to getting children, youth, young adults and their family/caregivers the services they need at the right time and in the right place.
    Children's Mobile Response & Stabilization Services (CMRSS):
    • Stabilization of current crisis, maintain stability in the living situation and to build resources for youth and family.
    • 72 hours of intensive support are offered, and when needed, additional referrals and linkage services for up to 8 weeks are provided
    Youth Case Management (YCM):
    • Offers case management service for moderate risk youth.
    • Provide links to community services intended to assist youth and their families in identifying, accessing and receiving appropriate mental health services in the least restrictive environment.
    Care Management Organization (CMO):
    • Highest level of care management.
    • Responsible for face-to-face care management and comprehensive service planning for youth with intense complex needs.
    • Offers 24/7 on-call crisis line service to children and families.
    Family Support Organization (FSO):
    • Comprised of parents/caregivers of youth with behavioral, emotional and/or mental health challenges.
    • Offers group activities, such as support groups, presentations, workshops and Youth Partnership.
    School Based Youth Services:
    • Supportive counseling for adolescents.
    • Services include supportive vocational counseling, recreation, health referrals, and behavioral health assessement.
    Family Crisis Intervention Unit (FCIU):
    • Provides crisis intervention and stabilization, assessment, family treatment and case management to youth and their family when they experience a crisis involving famiy conflict, truancy, runaway, serious threat to physical safety or wellbeing.
    • Serves as coordinator and liasion between family, treatment community and family court system.
    Emergency Psychiatric Services & Mobile Outreach:
    • Screening center for Hunterdon County
    • Emergency Mental Health services including Emergency Department Services, Mobile Outreach, Children & Adolescent Care and Intensive Family Support Services.
    • Provides consultation and support to families members of individuals in need of mental health services.

    Helpful Links
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    Sibling Support Project - http://www.siblingsupport.org
    Arc of Hunterdon County - http://www.archunterdon.org
    New Jersey Department of Education - http://www.nj.gov/education/specialed/