My Philosophy of Education

    Evelyn Edwards Fenn

    Ø      I believe that the purpose of education is to produce self-reliant, responsible, well rounded, empowered citizens. Education prepares the child for his/her future and place in society. It should instill a life-long love of learning in the child and the capability to face a fast-paced, technologically driven, culturally diverse, global environment. An educated person will be able to think critically and be able to successfully adapt to new situations. They will have a high level of self esteem solidly based on their accomplishments. They will understand the ramifications of living in a global environment and the necessity of caring for others and the environment. Education will prepare them to solve complicated problems, see how factors are interrelated and contribute fully to society.
    Ø      I believe that the role of teachers is to recognize that each student is a unique individual with different needs, thought processes, learning styles and motivations. The teacher should create a safe, supportive environment conducive to learning that will fully stimulate the social and intellectual development of each child. The teacher, who is the subject matter expert and facilitator of the class, should set high standards and challenge each student to reach his/her potential. He/she should also be a good role model of the values of the community.
    Ø      I believe that learning occurs when a child is working on topics that are relevant to his/her life and that interest him/her. The student should be allowed to work in small, collaborative groups, be kept active and fully involved. Learning should be experiential and knowledge construed from appropriate experiences. Learning is most meaningful when it is exciting, fun, active, and allowed to progress at the pace with which the child is most comfortable.
    Ø       I believe that the student is responsible for his/her learning and as such should demonstrate self-advocacy as well as respectful behavior. The student should be a partner in their education and as such should take an active part and recognize their role as a contributing part of society.
    Ø       I believe that parents, administrators and community members are all important stakeholders in the education of tomorrow’s citizens. As such they should be able to articulate the community’s values, provide a nurturing environment and give constructive feedback. They should provide the necessary financial support and participate in school activities so they are intimately aware of what goes on in the school. Above all they should continually demonstrate pride in their school community by their words and actions.