• It was an exciting weekend for the PTA! The weather may have turned colder BUT the PTA is thinking ahead and is getting ready for warm weather! The Outdoor Classroom Pavilions are now underway! This weekend the 1st big step of the Outdoor Classroom Committee's planning took place. A huge THANK YOU to Chris Kastrud Engineering & Matthew Korbobo Excavating, LLC. for donating their time and resources to prepare the areas for the two outdoor pavilions to be placed! The Outdoor Classroom Committee was created in response to teacher, student and parent concerns about the need for shade at the Elementary School. The UT PTA's Outdoor Classroom Committee is a partnership with the UT PTA, Dr. Chris Cassetty, Hunterdon Dermatology, UT Teachers, and is lead by committee chair Declan Coster.  Declan has been hard at work coordinating donations, planning the area, and working with the local community as he works towards his Eagle Scout award. He spent a cold chilly Saturday coordinating the efforts & working to unsure the success of this exciting project! Through a generous donation from Hunterdon Dermatology we are excited to announce that UTES will have two 20 X 20 outdoor pavilions to create outdoor classroom space and shade structures. 

    What's next? In the next few weeks the structures will be set and stone will be placed underneath. Interested in helping?? Please look for information coming soon about the upcoming stages of the project. There will be opportunities for building and planting, all made possible by the generous Fun Run sponsorships that took place in fall. The PTA is excited about this partnership and is looking forward to working together as a community to meet the needs of our students & local community.