Running Walking
  • Running / Walking Club

    Advisor: Mr. Frinzi

  • The running club promotes a healthy active lifestyle which will improve students’ self-confidence, self-esteem and overall health in a non-competitive program.  Club members will meet once a week to walk and/or jog laps in various settings.  Progress will be recorded by using the fitness finders EZ Scan.

    Here's how it works: EZ Scan is a barcode scanning app. It works by using a tablet's built-in camera technology to scan each runner’s barcode. During the running club session, each time a student completes a lap they scan their barcode as they pass the tablet. Every time they scan their barcode they can see their progress on the screen. Once the running club session has been completed for the day, it will sync to the database and update each child's progress throughout the year. Students will be given a chain and reward tokens for every 5 miles they complete.