• August 2019

    Dear Parents, Students, and Staff,

    Maschio’s Food Services will be providing a full-service lunch program this school year at Union Township Schools starting on August 23, 2019. We look forward to offering the students and staff nutritious lunch options. The cost for a complete lunch will be $3.00 for students and $3.50 for adults and will include a choice of milk.

    There will be a featured lunch every day as printed on the menu and in addition, there will be a choice of a Cereal Meal or Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich at the middle school, Chicken Nuggets or Hot dog at the elementary. The enclosed menu clearly explains the components of the school meals.

    There will be some a la carte items available for students and staff during the lunch period. Enclosed is an a la carte price list.

    Prepayment of lunches is optional. Students will be able to purchase prepaid meals in increments of 5, 10 or 20 meals. The cost for five meals will be $15.00, for ten meals, $30.00 and for 20 meals, $60.00. Checks may be made payable to the Union Township Board of Education. Please use the enclosed payment forms for prepayment. A la carte items must be paid for with cash. Cash is gladly accepted daily for payment of lunch and snacks. Payments can be sent to the school prior to August 23 if desired. Please mark the envelope Maschio’s

    Any questions or concerns please contact Maschio’s at 908-735-5511 X6020.

    We greatly appreciate your cooperation.

    Maschio’s Food Services, Inc.