Child Study Team 



    Laura Marchese, MA, MS
    Supervisor of Special Services
    908-735-5511 X6011


    Nichole Sorge
    School Psychologist
    908-735-5511 X6132


    Millie Wingler
    Learning Disabilities
    Teacher/ Consultant

    908-735-5511 X6010


    Frances Spann

    School Social Worker
    908-735-5511 X6012




    The Child Study Team consists of the school psychologist, learning consultant, and social worker. The learning consultant conducts educational evaluations, develops reviews and modifies curriculum, consults with teachers and administrators, reviews and orders educational materials and presents workshops to school staff. The psychologist conducts psychological evaluations, counsels students both individually and in groups, consults with school staff members, provides crisis intervention to students, and leads workshops for parents and school staff. The social worker evaluates the affective and social skills, counsels students and parents, communicates with community agencies, consults with school staff, and conducts training activities.

    The Child Study Team evaluates and determines the eligibility of students for special education and related services; coordinates the development of various aspects of the individualized educational programs; delivers related services to educationally disabled students; provides preventive and support services to nondisabled students; and provides services to the general education programs regarding techniques, materials, and programs for students experiencing learning difficulties. Written parental consent is required for a student to be initially evaluated by the Child Study Team. Parents are encouraged to participate in all phases of their child’s evaluation and program development process.

    If you think your child may have a disability that affects his/her learning you are encouraged to speak with your child’s teacher or contact a member of the Child Study Team in your child’s school.

    Copies of New Jersey state laws related to Special Education and other information may be obtained from the Office of Student Services (908-238-6008) or from the New Jersey Department of Education link. http://www.nj.gov/education/specialed/.


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