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Welcome to the Promethean Self Help Site!
On this page, you will find many useful links that will help you use your Promethean Activeboard as well as the components that go with it.
Teaching sites that go with the Promethean Board
Promethean has a collection of many teacher made flipcharts that can be used in your class. Please check out the following sites:
The Lighthouse for Education: This site provides flipsharts for every teaching level and topic:
Thinkbank is a website that has flipcharts that are already made. Just choose what works for you.
Crickweb- A British Based Web program for Early Elementary Education: http://www.crickweb.co.uk/Promethean.html 
The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District Promethean Wiki- http://promethean.cmswiki.wikispaces.net/Flipcharts 
The Fort Worth Country Day District- They made a site for teachers to find some great add ons for Promethean. http://fwcdtechie.com/promethean_activitie.cfm
Sevier County Schools created a very extensive library of Promethean Websites that cover many topics across multiple curiculum. 
Using the Promethen Board Help Links

Promethean User Guide and Documents


Help on Grouping Objects


Promethean Resource Guide of Basic tools




Active Expression


Quick Start Guide




Teaching Tips for Active Expression


(Please send any additional helpful links to Rhonda for addition.)