Year 2022 Best Union (Home) Course Time
    Boys: 9:12
    Girls: 9:53
    9/19 Home- High Bridge (Rain out)
    9/22 @ Kingwood Boys Win and Girls Win
    9/27 Home- Delaware Boys Win and Girls Win
    9/29 Home- Franklin Boys (Course Record set by Franklin Boys 7:39) loss and Girls Win
    10/3 @ Bethlehem Boys loss and Girls Loss
    10/6 Home - Lebanon Boys Win and Girls Win
    10/11 @ Alexandria Boys Win and Girls Win
    10/12 @ Tewksbury (New) Boys loss Girls Win
    10/14 Home- Holland Boys Win and Girls Win
    10/17- Home East Amwell Boys Win and Girls Win
    10/24 @ Clinton Public Boys loss and Girls loss
    Boys regular season record: 6-4
    Girls regular season record: 8-2
    Girls Placed 3 at the District Championships!! Congratulations. 
    Week of 10-26:   Championship @ P'Burg High School - Course walk through will start at 3:15 PM. Race starts at 4:00 PM for boys, followed by the girls @ 4:30 PM.
    Directions for parents and parking at Phillipsburg High School Cross-Country Championships
    1. Take 78 west and 22 west towards Phillipsburg.
    2. Take exit 3 for US 22 towards NJ 122/Phillipsburg/Alpha
    3. Continue on US 22 for 3 miles
    4. Go right onto Roseberry Street (Just past Dunkin Donuts) and stay right at the fork
    5. Take a right onto Belvidere Rd. (the PAC will be right in front of you. Brass Rail restaurant will be on your right)
    6. Turn left onto Amey St. (gas station will be on your right)
    7. Park in parking lot and walk past baseball fields towards the PAC