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    Home of the UTMS Tigers Boys Soccer Team

    Coach: Mr. Golden


    908-735-5511 ext. 6263

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    UTMS Boys’ Soccer Guidelines for 2019/2020 School Year.
    1.Everything will be posted on the website (schedules, changes, games, etc)
    2.I expect everyone to have positive attitudes. We are a team that works and plays together and respects one another.
    3. I need all the required forms in order for a student to play and participate.
    4.No returning to your lockers after practice. Please bring all of your bags (school and athletic) outside with you to practice.
    5.Only the boys returning the equipment should go inside the building.
    6.If you are going to miss a practice or game, please let the coach know in advance.
    7.Practice ends at 4:55 pm. Pick-up from practice is 5 pm. If your ride is late twice, you may be discharged from the team.
    8.At pick-up time (practice), please make sure that I actually see your parent/guardian that is picking you up before you leave.
    9.Bring water bottles to practice. You will be responsible for your own water at practice. If you forget your water bottle upon occasion, please come see me before practice. I will have back-ups. Water will be provided at games.
    10. Clean up all garbage after practices and games.
    11. Equipment (water, balls, cones, med kit, flags) will be collected by the TEAM. I expect ALL boys to be carrying the equipment to and from practices and games (even if your parents are picking you up from a game). 
    12. The coach will be responsible to make sure the equipment is brought in and out.
    13. You may order shirts and other clothing from Destination Athlete. If someone chooses to design an alternative shirt, you may do so, but the school or coach will not be involved
    14. Away games: Either wear your uniform to school or change at recess/lunch. We will be dismissed early, but please be dressed except for cleats. All players will ride together to the field for away games. You may be picked up by a parent after the game, parents/guardians must sign player(s) out before leaving. Even if you are being picked up from a game, ALL members of the team must help collect the equipment. 
    15. Home games: Either wear your uniform to school or change at recess/lunch. You will not be dismissed early from school, but please be dressed except for cleats. Games start promptly at 3:45 pm. You must hustle to get out to the field for warm-ups.
    16. NO sharing of food between team members and parents/guardians cannot bring any food during games or practices for the team. This policy is to prevent any team members who have allergies.  
    17. PLAY HARD and HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    Coach/Parent Meeting after practice (Thursday). Packets/Forms will be handed out. (5 minute chat)

     School Uniform needs to be returned by : TBD 




    Boys Soccer Schedule

    Practice everyday after school:pick up time 5:00pm
    1. 9/12 Tewksbury - HOME            Loss 5-0
    2. 9/17 Clinton Public - HOME        Loss 6-2
     3. 9/24 Holland- AWAY                 Tie 2-2
    4. 10/1 Tewksbury - AWAY            Loss 5-0
    5. 10/3 Clinton PUblic - Away
    6. 10/4 Bethlehem (CO-ED) - Home  (Combination of UTS boys and girls teams)
    7. 10/10 Holland - HOME
    8. 10/16 Alexandria (CO-ED) - Home (Combination of UTS boys and girls teams)
    Playoffs TBT
    All directions to sporting events can be found on the school website (Athletic/Directions).