Co-Ed Soccer Information

  • Co-Ed Soccer  •  Fall 2022

      Coaches: Mrs. Marchese, Mr. Fritsche and Ms. McDermid

    Our philosophy is to have players develop their technical and tactical soccer skills, improve physically and mentally, and develop characteristics such as communication, leadership, fairness, mental toughness and team unity. Even though we have a variety of players with a variety of prior experiences, our goal is to have every player enjoy themselves and learn something new. We are sure that we will have a hand in preparing them for high school soccer. 

    Please note: Your role will be continually evaluated and may change based upon your improvement as well as the performance of your teammates and attendance. There may be games where there is little time or a lot of time provided to play depending on the circumstances (i.e play-offs). It is our goal to get every player on the pitch for every game that they are rostered. 

    You can meet with any of the coaches at any time to discuss your role and areas of improvement.

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