• Dear UTMS Families,

    Hello and season’s greetings! My name is Max Fritsche and I am the new 6th grade Language Arts teacher at Union Township Middle School (UTMS) and I will also be in charge of our school’s chapter of the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS). Membership is open to seventh and eighth graders. The process will begin after the end of third quarter; but in preparation for the future, I wanted to notify you all of our chapter’s existence and the process your child will go through if they meet the qualifications to apply. 

    As with all NJHS chapters, qualifications for membership are based on the five pillars of NJHS: character, scholarship, leadership, service, and citizenship. Initial eligibility af UTMS is based on having a cumulative average of a B (84%) or higher in each subject the applicant in currently taking, as well as the prior grade level. Incidents on the discipline log for the year of application such as bullying, cheating, stealing, disrespectful speech or actions, and lying lead to an automatic ineligible status. Students who are initially eligible will receive an invitation to apply from the NJHS Advisor around the beginning of the fourth marking period during the seventh and eighth grade year. To be considered for acceptance after that point, applicants must have a minimum of ten service hours (spread across the two year span), varied extra-curricular activities, a minimum of two leadership positions, and a minimum of two honors/awards. Also, all appropriate signatures must be present on the application. Applications missing any of the minimum requirements and/or signatures are incomplete and will not be considered. There are no exceptions to this. The deadline for application acceptance will be included in the initial eligibility letter. Please be advised that completion of the application form does not guarantee your selection as a member.

    In addition to the application requirements, faculty evaluations are an integral part of the selection process in relation to the applicant's character, respectfulness, behavior, and integrity. Therefore, a positive assessment of these attributes is also necessary for membership. The assessment includes, but is not limited to, examination of the school's discipline log. A Faculty Council reviews all applications, along with faculty evaluations, and selects initiates.

    Additional information regarding the NJHS chapter at UTMS will be forthcoming, including a copy of the actual application. As our chapter's advisor, I would also be more than happy to discuss additional questions regarding NJHS. I can be reached through email at mfritsche@uniontwpschool.org or by telephone at (908) 735-5511 X6255.

    Thank you!

    Max Fritsche

    Union Township Middle School National Junior Honor Society Advisor