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Hunterdon County Schools and Raritan Valley Community College Engage in Arts Collaboration

Raritan Valley Community College (RVCC) and three Hunterdon County school districts have announced a strategic partnership to enhance arts education for their students. Clinton-Glen Gardner School District, Union Township Schools, and Readington Township Public Schools have joined with RVCC to form the CURRV Arts Collaboration. CURRV stands for Clinton, Union, Readington, and Raritan Valley. Juan Torres, Interim Executive County Superintendent, was instrumental in bringing the school districts and RVCC together to develop this unique learning opportunity.

“Arts education offers a lifelong, positive impact on young people of all ages. Children, teens and college students all benefit when they have the opportunity to learn, perform—and shine—together. We hope the CURRV collaboration will continue to engage all of our students in the arts,” said RVCC President Michael J. McDonough.

Throughout the fall, music teachers Stephanie Evans (Clinton Public), Lauria Ruch (Clinton Public), Gena James (Union) and Elissa Bowen (Readington) worked closely with RVCC Professor John Sichel. Together they selected song choices and coached the elementary students to sing alongside college students in a recent performance. The elementary students performed Bach’s Cantata No. 122 along with the RVCC Chorale. The CURRV Arts Collaboration is planning more experiential learning experiences in the areas of music, drama, and art.