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Union Township Schools Awarded $9,300 in STEM Grants  from CenturyLink Teachers and Technology Program

Union Township Schools (Hunterdon County) announced today that it was awarded two grants totaling more than $9,300 from the CenturyLink 2018-2019 Teachers and Technology Grant Program. The program recognizes innovative science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) projects in the classroom.

“We are grateful to CenturyLink for these important grant funds that will allow us to provide our students with cutting-edge learning opportunities,” says Nicholas Diaz, Superintendent of Union Township Schools.

The first grant, in the amount of $4,856.99, is for a project to facilitate the expansion of the elementary school Innovation Lab led by Mr. Brian Geniton. Mr. Geniton plans to use the grant funds to provide Union Township Elementary School students with more opportunities to develop projects that can solve local community problems.  For example, students will participate in high-fidelity prototyping through 3D printing.

The second grant, in the amount of $4,460, will support the Union Township Elementary School Junior Medical Academy. Under Mrs. Tina Russoniello’s leadership, these funds will provide students with learning experiences to prepare them for college, careers, and life.
Students will learn medical and life skills based on pre-medical and medical school
curriculum scaled to an elementary level. Students will learn skills related to hygiene,
childcare, diet, emergency medical/response, first aid, and safety. In particular, students will
have access to a STAT simulator tool (mannequin) for hands-on learning.

“STEM learning helps students think more creatively, view the world through a different lens, and question what is known in the search for new possibilities,” said Sondra Smith, CenturyLink director of corporate social responsibility. “This is where real innovation and solutions to complex problems live.”

The CenturyLink Clarke M. Williams Foundation awarded $750,000 in grants across 34 states this year. Union Township School District’s winning grants were selected from approximately 1,300 total submissions. The CenturyLink Clarke M. Williams Foundation has awarded more than $11 million through the Teachers and Technology grant program since 2008.

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